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This is not a celebration. It is not a salute. This, readers, is a manifesto. It is a bold declaration of the richness of the South, of the majestic talents, relentless ambition and singular vision that reside just behind each face you pass in your travels. These are the faces of the people who are creating the new South through the sweat of their brow and the depth of their passions. But if you never look closer you may never know how deep that passion goes, and what it has accomplished.

That’s because as Southerners, ours is not to put on airs. Ours is to work hard, stay humble and be ever mindful of getting “too big for your britches.”

As these pillars of the South would never dare brag on themselves, it falls on us to remind the Faces of the South of just how extraordinary they are. It’s a task we don’t pursue lightly, but it is a burden we take on happily. After all, for fourteen years it has been South magazine’s privilege to shine a spotlight on the South and its people, sharing their stories with the world. There are publications that might shy away from pushing an agenda, but we’ve been crystal clear of our intentions since day one: we are here to remind the South that it’s  a remarkable place, and its people are among the most remarkable in the world.

Even with years of experience under our belt, however, it’s still a daunting task to publicly and proudly declare someone “The Face” of something. These are the fields that are shaping our communities, our region and ultimately our world. And we’re not simply saying that these people are “good” at these pursuits – we’re declaring them the face of their respective passions. They exemplify its ideals even as they advance its frontiers.

It’s  a high pedestal upon which to place someone. But as you read further, and encounter these faces, we’re sure you will agree each person, business and entity in these pages has earned their praise. They would never seek it out, and so we have sought it out on their behalf.

Savannah, the South, and the entire world: We give you the Faces of the South.!